Antolini Precioustone Collection has over 100 varieties of carefully selected precious gems to enrich your space. Amethyst, quartz, jasper and agate are among the finest gemstones nature has to offer and we bring them all to you. They are unique and exceptionally beautifully with hues and tones to fit your very own individuality.

Density: 2.65 Mohs - Hardness Scale: 7

We bring the finest varieties of amethyst from Brazil, Uruguay, United States, Russia, Madagascar, India, Australia and South Africa. Its tone and hue offers calming and soothing properties, perfect for creating sanctuary in your private space.


Density: 2.65 to 7 Mohs - Hardness Scale: 7

Quartz is one of the most abundant gemstone in the world and comes in a wide range of colours and textures. We source the finest pieces from Brazil, Spain and Madagascar. They are carefully cut and assembled by hands to create the most beautiful compositions. Recommended to use with back light feature to illuminate the finest details.


Density: 2.7 Mohs - Hardness Scale: 7

Jasper is considered by many traditions to be the protector and sacred stone. It brings courage and control. The stone itself is a microcrystalline variety of quartz available in numerous colourations, depending on the materials that contribute towards its formation. Antolini source jasper stones from Brazil, Australia, India and Madagascar.


Density: 2.6 Mohs - Hardness Scale: 6.7

Agate is one of the most sought-after gems for decorative features. The gem is rich in colours and available in many hues. Antolini selects the finest quality of agates from Brazil, China, India, Europe and Madagascar. Each slab is cut and hand-assembled to form the most harmonious compositions.


100 stones to choose from

Explore the collection complete range to find the perfect stone for your homes and offices. Slabs may vary in appearance and dimensions as these are natural stones. Images are for guidance only. Download for catalogue to explore our full collection range.


Antolini Natural Stones come in 12 rich collections, categorising by their textures, colours and origins. Explore each collection to find the most exceptional natural stones to truly transform your project.

Create exclusivity through tradition and expertise

This collection houses the most recognisable masterpieces within Antolini stones library. Each stone is carefully selected to showcase unconstrained stylistic freedom.

Timeless beauty with infinite splendour

Natural Stone Collection brings the most highly sought-after stones with infinite splendour and timeless beauty. Explore to find a collection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone - elegantly polished to bring out their shines.

Mother of pearls from the deep sea

This collection offer a kaleidoscope of colours and reflections of the deep sea. These coverings are simply remarkable that truly enrich your surroundings with special optical effects.

Striking stones with fragments of beauty

Gemstone Collection brings the most spectacular exhibition of light and shadow to bring your interior to life. Explore the collection to give your rooms the most luxurious touch.

Created from love of transforming surroundings

This collection is embossed Antolini rich experience and deep love for textures. Each piece is crafted to perfection to bring out the true potential of every stone.

Original textures to unlock brilliance of every stone

Texture+ Collection is unique in its focus on transforming natural stones into fabric-textured surfaces. Every piece brings elegance, delicate tone and harmony.

Natural stones carefully crafted into woodstone

Woodstone is a perfect solution for wooden interior without compromising on quality and durability. Each precious stone is carefully crafted and treated to bring you these beautiful patterns.

Harmonising and innovating natural stones

This is a collection of art. Antolini extraordinary vision and expertise bring you a collection of visionary creations, inspired by fashion, contemporary and classical art and architecture.

Expressions of light and life

Antolini Allight Collection is brought to life through a meticulous process of processing and combining characteristic and colours of each natural stone.

Playful and innovative

Be prepared to be amazed with this 'living' collection. Each piece is designed to alter and embrace the changes - marking a transformation of space and perception.

Connection between stones and surroundings

This collection is all about Material Connection - interlinking bond between each material and its surrounding. With the aid of advanced technology, we bring you natural stone and glass combination.