Ideal Work offers a range of high-architectural, rich and stunning concrete finishes for your indoor and outdoor covering and facade cladding applications. Explore to find innovative solutions to rejuvenating your buildings with minimal effort with no aesthetic compromises
Ideal Work brings you the finest high-architectural concrete finishes to truly transform your project. Discover Microtopping, Microtopping Wall Texture, Acid Stained Floors, Stencil Top, Sassoitalia, Stamped Concrete, Lixio, Nuvolato Architop, Rasico, Ideal Wall and Ideal Tix to refresh your indoor and outdoor and building facade surfaces

Ideal Work solutions provide the perfect blend between creativity and practicality, allowing exceptional aesthetic appeal as well as enhanced strength and increased resistance properties for long-lasting results. Each finish is carefully designed to achieve best possible aesthetic and durability – coupling with innovative preparation and installing method, Ideal Work products are highly-sought after by international designers and architects.

Explore to find solutions for: indoor flooring finishes for commercial, private and public projects; outdoor flooring, paving and decking finishes for projects of all types and interests; seamless solutions to truly make an architectural statement with your project. Minimal or baroque, classical or urban, rustic or modern, natural-inspired or industrial-inspired - Ideal Work solutions are exceptional versatile and adaptable to any styles and tastes

Finest concrete finishes for your flooring applications

Ideal Work offers a range of rich and stunning concrete finishes for your indoor and outdoor flooring applications. Choose from the classic Microtopping finish to the dynamic and vibrant Acid-Stained finish - Ideal Work has a style for your every taste

Discover innovative solutions for concrete coating finishes

Ideal Work finishes are designed uniquely to cater for both existing and new build surfaces. You can truly transform every aspect of your indoor and outdoor surfaces. Suitable for furniture, tableware, wall, ceiling, stairs and many more coating applications

Make a bold statement with your design

Why stop at only covering your floors or your walls? Ideal Work innovative finishes allow complete seamless covering from floors to ceilings. Imagine the wow-factor of your architectural statement - ideal Work is here to bring your visions to life


Ideal Work offers a rich range of flooring solutions that truly blend creativity, practicality and functionality. Explore to find innovative solutions that offer the finest aesthetic appeal, long-lasting and quick to install application