Woodn is one of the kind - first in the world - technical wood to combine bamboo with PVC to create a remarkable new material that is capable of revolutionising the architectural decorative sector. Superior durability and exceptional aesthetic appeal - Woodn is the complete package
Woodn is an extremely versatile material, designed for multi-functional applications with capability to truly transform the architectural design sector. Discover to find five revolutionary collections from Woodn

Woodn brings timeless elegance and unmatched aesthetic appeal with superior strength and durability to meet complex cladding requirement and withstand harsh climate conditions. It’s truly one of the kind – explore to find five collections from Woodn: Ornans, Ornans Compositus, Versatilis, Aeternus and Modulatus


Two-faced Technical Covering

Woodn Ornans is a two-faced technical covering, designed specifically to meet the demands of modern and contemporary Architecture and Interior Design. Applicable on any surface - curve or flat - and any material

Modular system with unlimited compositions

Woodn Ornans Compositus is a special collection, designed to fully explore and harness the infinite potential of Woodn capability. It is a system of modularity - consisted of rectangular and square tiles and other shapes - to allow complete creative freedom

Profiled solutions for outdoor covering

Woodn Versatilis provides a versatile solution for a wide range of exterior covering - it's efficient, flexible and exceptional high aesthetic appeal, offering resistance against fire, water and wind

Ultimate solution for outdoor applications

Woodn Aeternus offers the ultimate solution for outdoor applications - ranging from garden furniture covering to decking to fencing. With no splinters and no special maintenance, you are looking at the most efficient and long-lasting solution for outdoor uses

Diverse solution for indoor and outdoor covering

Woodn Modulatus offers spectacular decorative solution for indoor and outdoor applications - suitable for walls, ventilated facades and false ceilings. The solution is designed to give you complete creative freedom - install vertically or horizontally - yours to decide


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