Thermory offers the finest natural wood with unbeatable attributes such as high aesthetic appeal, exceptional durability and environmentally sound. Manufactured with Thermory's unique thermal modification process, all natural properties are further enhanced to provide long-lasting and beautiful finishes
Thermory Collections are classified by their applications and types: Decking, QuickDeck, Thermory by Bolefloor, Cladding, Shingles, Flooring, Sauna and Decor

Thermory wood is present in more than 50 countries in private residential, commercial and public projects worldwide. Each collection offers a wide range of styles, thickness and finishes to suit individual taste. With enhanced natural properties, Thermory products stand to provide long-lasting solution with exceptional aesthetic appeal


Efficient solutions for outdoor decking

Thermory decking products undergo intense thermal modification to achieve greater durability and resistance to mould and rot, making them the best alternative for tropical hardwoods and impregnated wood

Prefabricated decking tiles designed for fast installations

QuickDeck is a special collection, designed to provide easy and fast decking solutions. The products are available in wide range of decking tiles and coupling with the versatile click-system design, the solutions are suitable for solid, flat surfaces installation for both indoor and outdoor applications

Explosive collaboration between Thermory and Bolefloor

Bolefloor specialises in waved-flooring solutions and together with Thermory - the artistic collaboration brought forth a unique and exceptional beautiful collection. Explore to find six complex curved designs - ready to bring the wow factor to your project

Breathe life onto your building

Thermory Cladding Collection offers exterior cladding for building facades and interior panelling for general walls covering. With many elegant profiles and a wide range of surfaces, this collection brings an impressive selection of possibilities to truly transform your project

Newly arrived collection at Thermory

Thermory Shingles Collection is newly introduced in 2017 due to high demands. With resawn surfaces and vibrant textures, the collection offers trendy possibilities to decorate your interior and exterior

Bring authentic wood finishes to your saunas

Thermory intense modification processes increases the dimensional stability and durability, allowing usage for wet and humid areas. Thermory solutions for saunas are highly-sought after because of these highly advantageous properties - explore to discover more

Rich colours and textures to create amazing spaces

Discover elegant finishes with rich colours and beautiful textures. Thermory Flooring Collection brings you the finest thermal processed wood boards, modified at two levels to allow installation with underfloor heating systems

Explore decorative wood solutitons for interior spaces

Thermory Decor Collection consists of a rich range of mosaic tiles, designed to bring dynamic and artistic touches to your homes. The tiles are suitable for wet areas applications, making this collection an ideal solution for bathroom decoration


Thermory's thermal modification process greatly improves the technical performance of natural wood, enhancing durability, strength and resistance. Explore to find why Thermory is one of the leading natural wood manufacturers in Europe