Scape Group specialises in innovative products and services in various sectors with a focus on improving quality of life and offering earth-friendly solutions to a common everyday problem. We have three companies under Scape Group: Ecoscape Ltd, Archiscape Ltd and Geoscape Ltd.
Ecoscape Ltd specialises in premium architectural stones and construction materials and services. Archiscape Ltd focuses on architectural wood products for covering and cladding applications including both thermo-wood and technical wood as well as supply architectural decorative products for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to products, Archiscape provides design and engineering services for projects. Geoscape Ltd is one of the very few companies to offer advanced geosynthetic solutions for complex environments.


Scape Group is committed to delivering first-class products and services. Each and every company within the Group work cohesively with our worldwide partners to solve much complex design and build challenges.

Specialising in building architecture and urbanisation of outdoor spaces

Our Archiscape Ltd focuses on delivering innovative and smart architectural solutions for the buildings and urbanisation of outdoor spaces. Our solutions and products excel in technical and functionality, providing long-lasting service time. In addition to our amazing products, we provide projects with full architectural design and supervision solutions. Visit our website to find out more about Archiscape Ltd

Specialising in geosynthetics engineering products and services

Geoscape Ltd is a market leader in providing innovative geosynthetic solutions for a wide range of applications in landscape and construction sectors. Visit Geoscape Ltd website to find more about this revolutionary technology and how it can help to transform your project

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